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Valuation of Ships

Valuation of ships is relevant in three situations:
To provide underwriters of financing institutions with a value reference for finantial guarantee purposes.
To provide an interested owner with an independent technical and value information for a possible transaction.
For an owner to acquire a description of this ship and an independent opinion concerning its condition and value.
It involves one or more inspections the report covering usually:
Descriptive inventory and particulars of the ship
Maintenance, operationally and safety conditions
Estimate of technical value applying the procedures normally used in naval practice
Eventually technical ability analysis for a particular purpose
This is a specialized service that requires the Consultant:
Authority - by means of an impeccable professional ethic recognized within and beyond borders;
Knowledge - and a well- settled methodology on experience
Information - a complete information base .
References: Navaltik Portugal is the most experienced Portuguese company and with the biggest number of ships valuations. Number of valuations varies between 50 and 150 each year.

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