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Supervision involves the follow up of the works and the central of their quality and conformity with the specifications.  
The supervision starts up with the study and analysis of the drawings and specifications and proceeds with regular inspections and meetings. One specialized engineer analysis and cooperates in the election of the technical solutions that are better adapted to the Owner requirements. Supervision usually ends with the assistance to delivery tests and trials. Along a supervision process the Owner is maintained fully informed about the progress and the technical development of the project.

Um acompanhamento técnico sólido proporciona soluções mais económicas de construção e, sobretudo, mais económicas em termos da exploração futura da unidade: para que um navio "bem concebido" venha a ser um "bom" navio é necessário que:
The construction, materials and components are of good quality;
The equipment is of good quality and the correct installation;
The construction details are well resolved from the perspective of the Owner ( the best solution for the Shipyard is not always the best for the Owner );
The trials and tests are demanding and, in any event, facilitated.
References: About 70 new constructions supervised in Portuguese, Brazilian, South African and Dutch shipyards.

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