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Our Mission

  Guiding its services by a sound use of technical knowledge and an accurate apprehension of the facts.
Service to the Client
  Navaltik Portugal’s services are oriented towards the satisfaction of the Client’s requirements - the accurate identification of such requirements being an ever present objective of all Navaltik’s team - and shall be directed to the actual accomplishment of a relevant result, an improvement or one step forward.
  Strict respect of independency and ethics criteria, which implies that all its experts observe confidentiality regarding all information gathered along their interventions.
Economic Success
  The yardstick to measure Navaltik Portugal’s merit is economic success, which is an essential condition for its survival and development.

Praça da República, 20, 1º Dtº
2840-486 SEIXAL

Phone: 351 211 570 080

Fax: 351 211 570 081

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